Have questions about your stay at Caprice Motor Inn?

Does your motel have an indoor pool?

Yes, our motel has an indoor and outdoor pool.


Rates vary depending on the time of year. For a better idea it's best to call and get rates for the date of your visit.

Is your motel in walking distance of shopping?

Caprice Motor Inn is located directly on 76 Blvd in the heart of what people come to Branson for. From here you can walk to dozens of theatres, shops and other forms of Branson entertainment.

Do any of your rooms have jacuzzi tubs?

Yes, we have regular jacuzzi rooms as well as jacuzzi suites.

Do you have a room with more than just two beds?

Yes we do, we have a family suite which has two rooms and a total of 3 beds. Some with a king and two full beds.